Address: 3, Easterly Road Harehills, Leeds LS8 2TN

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I Am Set Free

by Sarah Atkins… So my name is Sarah Atkins I am 33 and from Leeds. I had a very troubled upbringing and felt rejected from a very early age. This led me to try and find a way of coping with the hurt I was feeling within myself. My way of doing that was self-harm and eating disorders. I tried…

Miracle of Salvation

By Beverley Levy-Smith… My name is Beverley Levy-Smith and I am 53 years old and mother of 2 wonderful young men. Dylan Giles 21 who is in his final year at Preston University and Macaulay 19 who is in his first year at Crewe university. I am very blessed and very proud of the young men they have grown to…


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(0113) 240 6561
3, Easterly Road Harehills, Leeds LS8 2TN

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