Address: 3, Easterly Road Harehills, Leeds LS8 2TN

(0113) 240 6561

LIFE BUILDERS (Every Tuesday 7.30pm)

Director: Mansel Lowe

Mission Statement

We exist to:-
  • Worship God in the beauty of holiness
  • To build and serve our families
  • To build and serve each other
  • To build and serve our communities
  • For the glory of God and the souls of men
Our Aim

That men, young, middle-aged or older can grow in the knowledge of God and fulfil the calling for their life, share issues and concerns. preach, teach, and learn to live in the light of the word of God to impact the church and the community.

Our activities and initiatives are all focussed on achieving our mission statement and aims. These include retreats, excursions, exhortations, interactive lectures and teaching, leadership development, film nights, bible quizzes, visiting homebound brothers, evangelism and social evenings.


The Leeds NTCG  – Life Builders Department

The Leeds Life Builders Department is an integral auxiliary of our Local church and a reflection of our national men’s department. We exists to cater for the welfare of the men of the church and its community, with emphasis on spiritual, social, educational, emotional well-being generally. Our mission statement is aimed to exudes our overarching purpose: We exists to worship God in the beauty of holiness, to build and serve of our families, to build and serve each others, to build and serve our communities and to win souls for the Kingdom of God.


The Delivery

The process of delivery is emphasised through variable weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly programs. We work alongside our church’s planned programme to minimise duplications.

Program variation

Bible Studies; Home visitation; Inter-church visitation; Evangelistic outreach; Prayer breakfast; Socials; Bowling; men’s speak-outs; Park ministry; Financial planning; Lectures; debates; etc.

Futuristic Emphasis

We aim to work closely with our Young Life Builders department to ensure continuity. We also aim to establish workable relationship with other local men’s initiative,  local and city-wise businesses, political and community initiatives for education and interrelationships generally.

We Are 60!

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Contact info

(0113) 240 6561
3, Easterly Road Harehills, Leeds LS8 2TN

Gathering Times

8:00am - 1:00pm

18:00pm - 20:00pm

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