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At the New Testament Church of God (Leeds) the most important members of our congregation are our visitors, whether you are visiting through a desire to seek the truth, or you are simply worshipping with us whilst away from home, our church is designated as a sanctuary for all regardless of colour or creed.

As such we have made every effort to ensure that your visit is a blessed one. If you have never experienced a modern Pentecostal church before then please see our “What to expect” section below. Also, be encouraged that if you have children then they are equally welcome.

Service Times

Below are the regular worship service times held by the church. When planning your visit please check the upcoming events panel on our home page for any additional services that may be taking place, for example over Easter or Christmas, or for the rare occurrences where evening service may be not be taking place.


Sunday Morning Worship and the Word: 11am – 1pm
Sunday Evening Worship and the Word: 6pm – 8pm


Please note also that currently once a month our evening service is conducted by our young people and approximately once a month also the Sunday evening service is given over to the Biblical Studies programme with Pastor Parry, again see the upcoming events panel for the exact dates and times. For information about other public meetings either see the weekly programme section or alternatively contact our office via telephone or email.

What To Expect

Our Sunday morning service generally consists of prayer, worship in singing (during which the congregation is free to sit, to stand, to kneel or dance), collection of an offering, culminating in a preached message. Nevertheless as Proverbs 16:1 (AMP) declares: The plans of the mind and orderly thinking belong to man, but from the Lord comes the [wise] answer of the tongue.

Therefore although services are structured, this is not to such a degree that fails to acknowledge the sovereignty of God in our midst. As such full liberty and reign to direct the service is always in the hands of God through his Holy Spirit whether it be to direct the service collectively or to meet the needs of a particular individual. Led by God our services are always by nature orderly, just not necessarily always the order we have planned.

The gifts of the spirit described in 1 Corinthians 12 of the speaking in and the interpretation of tongues are on occasion exercised by individuals within our services.

Provisions For Children

If you are visiting with children then please be assured that you are more than welcome in the main sanctuary for the worship service. Many members and regular visitors choose to do this and the children are a blessing to be seen and heard there.

Should your child prefer to be part of more age orientated activities then we have a vibrant and active children’s church that runs parallel to the main Sunday morning worship service and also a small nursery for tots all staffed by committed and caring CRB checked staff. Ensuring that parents don’t miss out we relay video of the main service through to the provided baby change and feeding facilities.

Weekly Programmes

In addition to the weekly Sunday worship services at the New Testament Church of God Leeds we have various regular weekly and fortnightly activities that visitor are welcome to


Prayer & Fasting 11 – 2pm


Mens Life Builders 7:30 – 10pm


Ladies Fellowship 7:30 – 10pm

Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal 7:30 – 9:30pm


Voices In Praise Choir Rehearsal 8 – 10pm




Prayer 9 – 10am

Sunday School 10 – 11am


Contact info

(0113) 240 6561
3, Easterly Road Harehills, Leeds LS8 2TN

Gathering Times

8:00am - 1:00pm

18:00pm - 20:00pm

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